Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prego Log: #13- Post Partum *Not* Depression

As far as I am concerned- my life is Euphoria.

My life since Faye has been pretty easy. Better than easy.

Best Mom Ever

My mom is still in town and takes care of all the washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and anything and everything else that needs to be done. She and David have been sharing responsibilities caring for Miles so that I can focus all my attention on healing, resting and loving on my baby girl.

Loves to my Lover*

Somehow David and I are even happier than we were before. It's not just a -I love my life and I couldn't be happier- it's more like - I love my life and I can't stop laughing at everything you say so kiss me. It's nice.

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

Speaking of nice- get a load of this: my baby weight is practically falling off. Faye has been alive for 12 days and I only have three pounds to go to get back to what I weighed pre-baby. Lately I have been losing a pound a day and I'm hoping it continues that way until I lose that extra 20 lbs that I have been meaning to take off for the past few years, but I will be happy just to lose the baby weight if that doesn't happen.

Move Over Bessie

Wanna know the secret? Milking. I'm a cow. I already have a freezer full of frozen milk. Infact, David had to turn on our deep freezer downstairs because I ran out of room upstairs. I counted 29 bags of 5 oz. each today. David looked online and I can sell each ounce for $2.00. So, basically I just made almost 300 bones. Only, I wouldn't really sell it. If I don't end up using it I will donate it to Mothers Without Ducts or some organization that might be in need or at least one that I didn't just make up. Anyway, I'm a cow and it's making me lose weight and making Faye gain.

Perfect Baby Syndrome

Faye gained her weight back within 3 days and is growing rapidly. She is awesome. She latched on right away and has been eating well ever since. She is also a great sleeper. She sleeps sometimes so long that I have to wake her up because I'm afraid my boobs will explode if I don't get some relief.

Sadly, she has a blocked tear duct and so she has a goopy eye and Miles has a cold and he has a goopy eye, but other than that both kids are doing well.

Faye who?

Miles doesn't seem to acknowledge Faye's existence. Yesterday he told us her name and today I got him to help me with her bath, but other than that- Faye is just something that makes Mommy sit around and hold all the time. I'm not worried. In fact, I'm glad because his aversion to her helps keep his cold to himself. I'm sure in time they will be friends.

In short, my life is Euphoria. We will see how things turn out when David goes back to school and my mom leaves. I'm more than nervous. Terrified, actually, but I'm sure I will be able to figure things out. ...Please pray for me.

*Well, not for a few more weeks at least.


Brianne said...

She is so beautiful. My grandmother's name was faye. I love it!! I am glad you are so happy. What perfect timing.

mel or kel said...

That is good to know because every time I think of having another baby terror consumes me.

Emily Chipman said...

She is so beautiful! I'm so glad that she is a good baby. by the way I'm a faithful stalker, just thought I'd come out of the closet.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

I'm so glad you posted! I have wanted more pictures of Faye. I can't wait for her and Holden to see each other! (OK, I can't wait to see Holden, and I'm so excited to see Faye...)

AND PLEASE LET THE BABY-WEIGHT THING RUN IN THE FAMILY! Sassa gets skinnier after every kid, so I am hoping to be heroine-chic weeks after I deliver... turns out I'm not "big-boned," just fluffy.

Cicely said...

Brianne? Jones? hello friend!

Melissa- Terror is an understatement for me.

Emily- I'm so glad you came out. I love when people do so that I feel much more popular than I really am.

Suite- Fluffy is as fluffy does. Think about it. You'll get it.

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

She is so sweetand absolutly BEAUTIFUL, cic! I can't wait to meet her! Glad all is well at the home front. Your Mom is so awesome, I love our moms!

I miss you

Allison said...

Owen didn't notice Eli until like 3 months ago. I am so happy that everything is going so well. More pictures of Faye please.

PhiLeshKo said...

Awe, you are my favorite. I love reading your blog! I am glad things are going so well. I was like that with ko as far as the bessie thing goes, but I did want to sell mine and I didn't know you could.
I remember in the hospital I pumped 4 ounces of colostrum(sp) and they told me that stuff was like liquid gold. I didn't want to sound to eager I guess, but seriously $2 an ounce?!?!
Glad you have such a good baby and the weight is coming off so quickly! I love nursing! Ü

Emily N said...

I am completely jealous of you and your lack of baby weight. I nurse, seemingly constantly. I guess I only pump ocassionally, but i feel like a 24 hour snack bar, and yet, the weight is still there. But not for long, I hope. I'm so happy everthing is going so well for you! Two babies rule!

jolyne77 said...

Wow..I wish I had your weight loss luck....ho hum...I'm weaning Abby and getting fatter by the day. Once I have her completely weaned...I'll start on a little somemmm-somemmm to help with the ol' extras". In this endeavor, I'm sure my boobs will perk right back to age 20. Right? ;-)

She's beautiful dear...I saw David today at church...totally missed seeing you. He said you got some extra thats good.

Call me, eh? And let me know if you need anything...


The Johnson Family said...

I loved reading the update. It is so good to hear that everything is going so well. I only wish my weight would fall off so is to hoping for this this time. She is so cute. I cant wait to see her in person.

7850 said...

Mommies without ducts? Is that how someone that needs milk can get it for free?

I would be interested, please send me the info.

N & M Johnson said...

Freak.. milk momma. Jealous of that. I can Barely produce 3 ounces a feeding. Send me your milk... JK She is gorgeous by the way!

Darth Spencer said...

Congrats on baby faye. She sounds way awesome. Also, thanks for the update on your breast milk. I think you guys should save it as food storage. Don't you think it would taste better on cereal than powdered milk?

The Bells said...

Cicely! Faye is absolutely beautiful! You look amazing too! Your poem made me cry.. thanks! I am sooo happy for you! What an incredible family! I hope I'll see you sometime soon! Loves! Ashley

Ali Mae said...

Didn't some doctor say you were on the heavy side? I'm glad you were! It sounds like there may not be anything left of you but a freezer full of milk! It makes me so glad that you're so happy.

Nate and Jacque Holt said...

not fair that it can come off that fast...faye is stunningly beautiful. Aren't babies supposed to be squishy and distorted? ha. miss you and love you. so whats the key to lots of milk, I stopped making after 4 months...hmmm

Nick and Deanne said...

You make me laugh so hard. Okay so I heard the rumor that you have lost all of your baby weight. Again, I'm seriously impressed! No epidural and no baby weight. I wonder if there's a correlation. I would totally go for the pain if that were the payoff!

Robert and Tiffany said...

Way to go! I've lost 20 lbsin a week from nursing, but you definitely have me beat! 20 bags in the freezer?! Aren't little girls so fun? Taylor can't wait to meet Faye!

Emily said...

What a perfect reason to stay in during the winter. I'm happy you're happy. A perfect second child is on my grown-up summer list.

Abby always got goopey eye. The nurse taught us how to push it out and it helped.

Amy Buff said...

Um, Can I scroll to the bottom of 20 comments! Yikes, just wanted to say I loved blog stalking you Cicely, and seriuosly when I grow up I want to be as cool as you are. Wow. And I had to laugh when I read your little "About Me" blurb at the top of your blog, because I seriously thought you named your daughter Fetus. GREAT!

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