Sunday, January 29, 2012

Timeline of craziness.


-Dave will be gone. Not cool.

-14th: Valentines Day. Also the day I get my boob checked out again. Hoping for the best.

-Match list due. Dave and I will have to decide what path we would like to take for the next 4 years of life. It's kind of a big deal.


-Dave will be gone. Not cool.

-16th is Match Day. I think we find out if we matched on the 12th and then we find out where we are going on the 16th. This is craziness. Our fate is in the hands of a computer generated formula.

-16th (10 minutes after the match)- find a realtor. We need to find a house and get going on the move before we have a baby in a few weeks and get kicked out of our apartment on May 31st.


-Baby Newbie is due! I think I'm going to like her/him.








-3rd is Graduation Day! Dave becomes a doctor!! That's Sir. Dr. Cain to you.

-7th is a super sneaky special trip that the kids don't know about. Shhhhh- don't tell them! I'll give you a hint- it rhymes with Schmisney World! I am so excited I want to cry.

-15th Enjoy a couple of weeks of painting/fixing/redoing parts of the house.


-Dave starts residency! And then the real craziness begins.

All of this is like Christmas Eve for me. Wish us luck. Love you.


Southern Belle said...

So where are the possibilities of places you will live? Is Georgia one of them?

Cicely said...

Sorry, friend. Georgia is not in the running. Our "choices" are:


Can't wait to see what is going to happen!

Aly Sharette said...

You should for sure update this blog of yours. please.

Halo BW said...

Please update more article!

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