Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good morning.

Dear Blog-

I just sort of miss you. That's all.

What's happened:

-I am almost in my third trimester and I am feeling Large Marge-ish, but I don't ever remember feeling this non-sick with my other two. Ps. This is our last baby. It seems that with each child my sickness gets more and more concentrated to the first trimester and if I had another I would probably just die at about 14 weeks.

-Miles is awesome. He is seriously the smartest kid I know. Sometimes it worries me. His teacher in pre-school said this about him, "Miles is just a little man. A little silly man."

-Faye is incredibly adorable. She is super smart too. She just turned three and can count to 30, knows about 10 Christmas songs, looks like Little Cindy Lou Who, and is sort of nasally when she talks. I like it.

My kids are growing up. Coming this Sunday- they will both be in primary. It makes me want to cry.

This baby is due in April and I am planning to cut her/him/it out of my belly. That means I will have had 1 induced baby, 1 natural baby, and 1 C-sectioned baby. I feel like I should write a book. The babe is super active and prefers to spend it's time on the right side of my body. I think it wants to snuggle me.

-I found a lump in my boob in October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and although the tumor doesn't look cancerous- they don't know what it is and would like to take it out. Only, I'm pregnant. So... We are waiting until probably 1 year post baby before we cut into it. Fingers crossed, eh?

-Dave becomes a doctor in about 5 months. I can't believe it. Have I told you how much I love him? Cause I seriously do. I will follow him anywhere- even to Lubbock, Texas if necessary. Residency starts this summer and we have a few options... I'm hoping for Cleveland myself, but Iowa and Columbus are high on my list as well. But as I said, I would do anything for love. -Meatloaf.

-Christmas week was awesome. Our anniversary was the 20th, Faye's birthday was the 22nd, Christmas was spent opening presesents and playing all day, then the 26th was spent cleaning the house (another Christmas present) to host my parents and Celeste's entrance to Cleveland. We still have some of Faye's birthday presents to open and the house seems literally filled with toys. It's wonderful.

-The fish died this week. All of them. I'm trying to figure out if this is a Christmas Miracle or if it is a Christmas disaster, but the kids dont' seem to mind. So... I'm good.

-I love our friends, schools, and ward here. I am grateful everyday for all that we have. And I'm grateful for you Blog, even though I neglect you.

-All in all, I love what is happening here in the Cain home.



Janelle said...

Are you indicated for a C-section? Why? A lot of people will tell you it's awful, but both of mine were great, as far as recovery went. I think people have either really great experiences with C-sections, or really horrible ones, but nothing in between.

arielwall said...

I seriously love you & the way you write. You are so funny.
Best of luck with your baby & such.

Alesha said...

Oh wow you are still alive huh? And I totally forgot you were pregnant, I guess that is what 4 months off facebook will do to ya huh? Good update! Glad to know you are all alive and well! And I also wanna know why a c-section. All 3 of mine were fab however I will say the first was the hardest.

Cody, Ashley, Rilyn, Casen, Brigg, and Brooks said...

You guys are awesome. I miss getting to hang out with you! Good luck with match. You guys will have to keep us posted so we know where to shoot for. Jk. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy too. You're almost done! Yeah!

Allison said...

I heart you. I like hearing about your kids and their ridiculous brains, I like hearing about you not feeling too sick. I also like hearing about your light at the end of the tunnel that is David finishing school! I am not going to lie though I do not like this lumpy boob business. Please do what you can to make it go away forever!

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

I agree with Janelle: c-sections, you either have a great or horrid experience. :)

But you also know that I am one of the ones who hated hers and pretty much suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from having one... so I hope your experience is like Janelle's. Seriously, I pray it is positive for you.

Also, I am glad to read your update - even though I just got off the phone with you.


Jeff and ReAnn said...

Love the post. You are AWESOME! Heres to hoping for CLE!

Jeff and ReAnn said...

Love the post. You are AWESOME! Heres to hoping for CLE!

Cain said...

Quit buying fish.... don't you remember when Dave told you to, "Pull it together!" I love you anyhow, and I feel as though I'm missing your whole being pregnant.... lets Skype soon please. Loves to you!


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