Friday, August 12, 2011

100 Things to Do in Cleveland and Beyond: Activity 27

Acticity 27: Rainbow Babies- University Hospital System

Poor little Faye had to have a minor surgery and we are so blessed to live in a place with one of the top children's medical centers in the nation. I heart Rainbow Babies. I was sooooo nervous and they were so kind and loving and helpful and they made Faye, Dave and I all feel a little more comfortable about the whole process.

So, this Cleveland activity is one that I pray you don't have to venture to, but if you do- I hope you feel good about taking your baby there. I did.

Faye checks out her new threads.

Look at the smile on that nurse! So awesome!

This was post surgery. It scared me to death to see her like this.

Just waking up.

It was like she didn't even know it happened.

Thanks Rainbow team!
Love, the Cains.


abby said...

oh what little champ she is! i am so sorry! glad she is doing better.

Hillary Corpuz said...

Minor surgery?